Beauty & Bobs

Hii readers!

OOPS I DID IT AGAIN… SORRY NOT SORRY! So there is this (web)shop Beauty & Bobs that has a looooooot of pretty things like clothes, beauty stuff, accessories and YANKEE CANDLES, YAAY! I finally found a shop where I can smell these candles with my nose and not only with my eyes while shopping them online. Besides Rani Multani, also known from the blog I am FASHIONEER, runs this shop and she is very friendly and always ready for some talk and advice. That is what shopping should look like.

On 1st may I was invited for the event at Beauty & Bobs for launching of a new Yankee Candle summer collection, Viva Havana. The smell of these candles takes you immediately to Cuba, yes please! And I could not resist to buy one Yankee of this collection called Delicious Guava. Because my mother and I (especially my mother) are crazy about these candles (we have one in each room, really) I had to buy another one, my all time favorite, Pink Sands.
_DSC0048_DSC0060With the picture below I won € 25,00 shopping money from Beauty & Bobs, HOW AWESOME! There is a winner every month, maybe next time you are the lucky one! Scroll further to see my shopping haul.

_DSC0130Like you (maybe) already know I am a fan of testing new beauty products or make up. At the Beauty & Bobs event I could not keep my eyes off this highlight from Sleek. But I did not buy it at that time. When I got a message that I am the winner of the month, I was not doubting anymore. – Add to shopping cart – KACHING! 

_DSC0088_DSC0092Summer is coming closer and closer and the weather is getting better. I know it is only May and we have to wait for those hot days and warm evenings. Yankee Candle can help us with that, how? The subtle scent of these candles will take us to the beach where the sunset breeze is overwhelming us while we are enjoying our favorite sweets on the blanket, for example macaron treats. Nice huh?! I love summer and I think that the tarts and votive that I choose, are perfect for my imagination of summer that is yet to come!

18426461_10211549286841478_609174381_oI recently started to blog more often and to drop some posts. This planner is perfect to help me plan new posts and organizing my time. The “to shop” space could be bigger and the “to do” a little bit shorter. I prefer to buy that to do… (hihihi)

18452101_10211549182918880_1322775992_o.jpgI was surprised seeing Moco coming closer to me while I was holding my camera. When he sees me with my camera or my phone he runs away. He does not like when I take pictures of him. So I think he approved my buys. He happy, me happy!



Do not forget to visit the Beauty & Bobs web shop!

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