Offline is the new luxury

Hi readers!

Those who follow me here and on other social media certainly noticed my absence. There is an explanation for this. Firstly, my Iphone said one day – ‘I have enough of it, open the strike!’ – And so I stayed without a phone. Of course I have a replacement phone but it is not compatible with today’s times. But at the moment it is enough to call or send text messages. Another reason is that I have stepped into the path of adulthood, which means I am looking for a job. Last 9 days I was in probationary period. We will see how it goes. But I have to admit that during this time I did not have much time to upload pictures, write posts or choose filters on Snapchat. During the weekends I spent time with friends and family.  I have to admit that the world without internet looks different.

At first there was emptiness, what should I do in my spare time without a phone and fast internet? Before every free minute of the day with the phone in hand changed into the hours of watching influencers who have a ‘perfect’ life on holiday or shopping, writing posts at home. Unfortunately not everyone has it so good but I can not complain. While working, there is no time for phone, but even for what? Selfie with computer and papers? Flatlay with a breakfast box of sandwiches with cheese or Nutella? Because there was no time to make a fancy salad in the morning. Weekends are also different, more social in the sense that I use my voice rather than finger and eyes. I am not saying I am saint because I was ‘addicted’ to my Iphone and social media, I wanted to be up to date with the likes, followers and trends. But in general, offline life is not so bad. I have time for other things like finally getting my things done from my to do list. Walking with the dog is also more fun, I am focused on the nature and on the dog (I talk to him and praise him for good behavior), play and run with him what is cool, makes me smile! In other words I have other priorities and goals.

My iPhone will be repaired in about one week so it probably means I will be back on Instagram and Snapchat. I will say honestly, I miss taking pictures and brainstorming about new posts. I am a creative mind, I like doing it and it gives me satisfaction. It gives me a very nice feeling when people and my dearest followers like my picture, it means that I am doing it right, right? Even when I am not very popular it always means something.

I made myself a promise, even when I have my phone back I want to cherish the world around me, take a big breath and think – ‘wow (my) life is beautiful’ –  even if I don’t have million followers. I have to be blessed with what I have and what I have reached in my life. I will fulfill my dreams and do what I like and what pleases me, because in all this, it is all about being happy.



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