Reebok x Local Heroes


To all the girls up there that are in love with pink, this one is for you. I follow a lot of Polish fashion bloggers on Instagram, like Pani Ekcelencja and Maffashion. Lately their feed got pastel pink and lavender. This because of the collaboration of Reebok and Local Heroes. Since 12 april you can buy new limited edition model of Reebok NPC II NE. Designed by the Polish brand for the American giant. Here’s a sneak peek of the campaign.

local-heroes-x-reebok-npc-ii-nelocal-heroes-x-reebok-npc-ii-ne (1)

The shoes are a reinterpretation of the classic NPC II silhouette. They’re designed in two colors: Pink (Polished Pink Sku) and Purple (Pink Oasys Sku). Silver and metallic shoelaces were added to the classic ones. The synthetic fur hooded laces-panel can be took off to wear a minimalistic version. The body of the shoe is made of high quality natural leather with perforations for air circulation and the stinky-stinky feet. Inside the shoe there is a removable liner made of a soft textile in rainbow colors, it’s the reminiscent of the cult ice cream of Algida – Zapp (Polish ice creams). The whole shoe was set on the sole that creates amortization created by EVA cushioning foam and abrasion-resistant rubber with a visible pivot point.

_DSC0006_DSC0003I’m not so long a pinky lover. Few years ago when I saw pink I thought “oh my god that’s so kitschy colour, who wears something like this” or “pink is for Barbie’s” – HAHA – Now my dressing is pinkish – from coats, shirts, pants even underwear and now shoes… YEZ LADIEZ I bought those beauties the same day they were released! YAY! I bought mine on Zalando for € 99,95. I have to admit in real life they’re even cuter. They’re soft on the outside but wearing them is heaven for the feet. Only the shoelaces can be a little bit shorter, luckily there is this new trend of tying your laces around your ankle. Definitely my favorite shoes!Jeans vestRoze shirtshorts

What do you think ladies, worth the buy?

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