Magdalena Sikorska, a difficult name for a not so difficult person. The Polish girl aka Polska girl lives in Belgium with her family. She has been on this planet for already 26 years. Trough her regular days she is a student in the major called accountancy-fiscality. In her free time she tries to be a blogger and she loves to learn more about the latest fashion trends. Oh ! She loves her dog also, ALOT.

With her long straight hair she walks trough life with a big smile and she wants to make it worth living for. She is a dreamy girl that likes to walk on the clouds with her mind far far away. She dreams about a lot of things like being smaller because she hates her 178 centimeters. You are probably wondering why. High heels is the answer. She hates looking as a giant. A big dream of her is traveling to places where you get surprised by the beauty this planet has to offer.

She leads a happy life with up’s and down’s. She likes to smile to people and to get friendly smiles back. Sometimes she is a lazy one but when she does something she does it right. Her free time is very precious. She tries to fill it with something she likes: reading, photography, handmade jewelry, cooking & writing new posts. As a student she has her specific duties such as studying, of course.

She loves her family and friends a lot. She expects them to love her and be loyal to her. Her life is like her favorite book categories: thriller (when she doesn’t know what to wear to a party), psychological (knows how to get what she wants). She can accept criticism and sarcasm. She can laugh with herself and she has a sense of humor. Oh, she loves to meet new people and to have new adventures.

This is her very first blog en she’s very excited about it. Thanks for reading and enjoy!