have never had beautiful, strong nails. They always split and break very quickly. Even if I followed a cure that had to strengthen my nails, I did no see any result. I always polished my nails myself but because they were so weak I had to paint them sometimes three times a week. Very frustrating and I never had the patience to let them dry. I am someone who finds it very important to have cared hands, so I found it terrible to have nails like that. Therefore, I decided to switch to gel nails. And because my friend is a beauty specialist, I trusted her. I became her regular client and since then I came back after four weeks. I did not have to worry anymore about my short and ugly nails. They look representative and I like that.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have noticed that I have stopped by posting nailfies. This is because my nail stylist was on the maternity leave, which was also a good moment (I thought) to give my nails the time to recover after all those gel layers. My other friend, who is also a beauty specialist, recommended me to do my nails but this time with gel polish. This way is less harmful for the nails. This gel polish is slightly harder than the usual nail polish, but this did not stop my nails to break anyway. Once they became longer I bumped it all over and the “gel” cracked, which also caused my nails to break down. I’m not a fan of veeeeery long nails, but I’d rather have them a little longer, than my fingers look small and elegant. So I thought: enough! I stopped it and left my nails to their fate. They were exposed without any color, clipped short and shaped.

The good news is that I will have beautiful nails again because my friend is coming back, me happy YAAAAY! She always laughed with me because I always came with special requests, it was very rare that my nails had to be done in one color. I always came with two or three photos on my mobile. She always helped me with the choice. She never complained, because she had a change and could refresh the various effects.

If you are looking for some inspiration, you can find it below.
All the nailfies are mine. 


Gel nails done by: Cassia Beauty
Gel polish done by: Make Me Up Julita Gryc

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