La Moda: Friday or maybe Fry day?

Friday or Fry Day? I choose both. A perfect combo, right? With this pull I complete the perfect day. (It is clear that we are addicted to fries in Belgium).

This pull is made of a thin fabric but is very nice. He is soft, comfy and super cool. I like to wear him in a day when you do not really have to look elegant. He is also very nice to wear to school, go shopping or just eat fries with your friends, duuuh! I like wearing comfy clothes that make me feel good and confident. This is a more sporty look. I always try to bring contrast in my outfit. So with such a light pull, I combine darker, blue jeans. Nice sneakers and I’m ready to go.


Pull: Add my Berry

Jeans: River Island

Sneakers: Adidas superstar


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