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Have you heard about Iwhite? It is an instant teeth whitening kit. I have never heard about it since last time on my holiday in Poland. I saw it in Rossman (like Kruidvat) and something touched me to buy it. I never bleached my teeth but I always wanted to do it, preferably professionally at the dentist. The price always scared me. My teeth are well maintained and maybe I do not have a Colgate smile and my natural shade is slightly yellowish but it is not a reason for me to do it. I do not smoke or drink coffee what can contribute the color of the teeth. Another reason is that I was ‘scared’ of such domestic bleaches, what if they make them weak and sensitive? Or I do it wrong and everybody will see the difference? I did not want to complicate my life (haha). So what convinced me to do this? I will tell you later!



In the box there are 10 ready-to-use overlays filled with gel (for five days in the row). This is a one-step system. There is no problem with syringes or brushes, you do not need to measure the servings yourself. Just put it on and wait.


The manufacturer promises:

  • Immediate whitening effect (up to eight whiter shades).
  • Active removal of discoloration.
  • Source of calcium for tooth enamel that affects their strength.
  • Overlays are made to bleach the front and back surfaces of the teeth.
  • Easy to use.
  • Clinical studies report that the product is safe and effective.

Will he keep his promise? Be sure to read the article further.

How to use:

  1. Before application gently wash the teeth.
  2. Hands have to be washed and dry.
  3. As soon as the overlays with gel are out of the sack, make sure that the gel stays in contact with the entire surface of the teeth. (Top and bottom can be bleached at the same time)
  4. Carefully close the mouth and do not bite the overlays because the gel can pour out.
  5. After 20 minutes remove and rinse the mouth with water.
  6. Never use the same overlays.


Opinion and effects:

I followed the instructions and removed the pads from the packaging. I was afraid that they will be hard like heavily plastic. But no, the pads are soft and rubbery. Next step is to just put them on. Yeah right, not so easy! I think I spend 10 minutes before the pads were fitting. They slipped of my teeth and the gel did not want to spread, I had to press it to distribute it evenly. The pads are small and they barely reach my canines. But okay they are sticking to my teeth. Setting the timer for 20 minutes and wait patiently. The taste of the gel is fresh and bitter as the products of the dentist.


Yes!! 20 minutes passed, now I can admire the effect! what effect? Where are my 8 shades whiter teeth? I think this effect appears after using all the pads. Maybe it is better like that? If the product was so strong to bleach our teeth from the first time, maybe not evenly bleached then there would be much more complaining. This way you can control the whitening.

BEFORE                                                                                       AFTER

Of course the pictures above are taken in different light and in different perspective, but if you look closely, you can see that my canines are still yellowish but slightly lighter.

After reading other reviews about this product I figured that after the first time, there will be not much visible effects (maybe after five days). To be honest, it was the reason that I decided to bleach my teeth this way. I knew that I would not do much damage (hihi).

I think that after five days the effect would be more visible. I got 8 more overlays and I will definitely use them for some occasions to make my smile look healthy and dazzling.


If you used this product yourself, let me know what effect it had on you!

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