Sales Shopping

Hi readers!

Holidays really started for me. I’m almost graduated. (I have a second exam in August). But I am positive about it. On my student work I also have holidays. The company is closed for three weeks due to yearly vacation. This year, I probably will not go on holiday (sigh). That’s why I have to plan my vacation a bit and do fun things in Belgium here. One of those great things is shopping of course! I have already done this (oops). Now it’s also sales season and I’m always proud of myself when I score nice (discounted) things. HIGH FIVE. That’s why sales are fun, but there are a few things that I do not like from sales hunting. The crowd and pushes, because everyone wants to be on the rack with all the fun stuff. Oh and the mountains clothes you almost need to dive in to find something fun and those usually lie all the way down, no thanks!

I recently went to H&M because it was a while that I’ve been there and I have bought some pretty hings.


I hope that Belgian weather will allow me to wear this crop top this summer.

19988946_10212132233454779_1688811371_n20107227_10212132264615558_1888406576_oWhen I saw these espadrilles, I had to have them. And they were discounted, YES! Super nice to wear with shorts or a 3/4 pants. I already have an idea of what I can and will combine with them. What I like about them is that you can lace them up above the ankles, and they look like a kind of roman sandals. I was doubting in what color I should take them. I could choose between black or powder pink. But I have already two pairs of pink shoes and black matches with everything. Blackies it was!20030819_10212132233814788_202973733_nOh and the bikini? Not much to notice! I just love the nude dip dye effect with this salmonish-pinkish-orangish color. (hihi) I’m a picky one when it comes to bikini’s. I have small boobies (disadvantages of being skinny) and I don’t feel so comfortable when i’m looking like a plank. But this one has strings on the breast that you can tightly align (not to tight, they shouldn’t be crushed), making them look bigger and fuller. Oh and the straps are adjustable. Perfect huh!19989162_10212132233494780_257112299_n

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