DS Brussels Fashion Days

Hii fashionista’s!

Wow it’s been a while since my last post, oops! I’ll make it up to you, promise!

So where do I start… OH YES! I went to the big city, the capitol of Belgium. Brussels! And what did I do there? Well I went to a fashion event, Brussels fashion days. It started Friday and ended on Sunday (14/10 – 15/10 – 16/10). Each day you could see the fashion shows, shop in the pop up stores while drinking gin tonic. Perfect weekend, right?

It was the fifth edition with the motto “Beautiful fashion, Belgium fashion!”. The three days during event wanted to promote and set in the spotlights the Belgian fashion designers. It was my first fashion event ever and I liked it.

I went there Saturday the whole day, so much fun things to see and do. Do? You might think? Yes, not only you could shop in the pop up stores but also do you hair by Wella Professionals (which I did), choose the perfect lipstick, thanks to MAC, and the most important thing, fall in love with all the pretty clothes AND handmade jewelry.

Some of the pop up store designers:

O’Leary / Wear a story / Câpres & Anchois / Doriane Van Overeem / Nalebinding / Bonjour Maurice / Madame LOL / Aurore Havenne / Chapelart / Conni Kaminski / Ataman / Wavelength / Marie Van Gils / Catalina Jitaru / Mandel / Little Panama / Anaïs Croisiaux / Euphoria Styling BVBA – Van Wilder / Ocean Couture / Blush Designer Creations / Emerance Jamagne / Erratum Fashion / Lambott / Une part de bonheur / En Avril … and more!

They all were fantastic but I had my favorites, like:

∇ Conni Kaminski, uses draping technique what gives an asymmetrical style.

∇ Catalina Jitaru, dedicated to intelligent, active and stylish women.

∇ Aurore Havenne, simple but yet so beautiful jewelry.

∇ Ocean Couture, in style to the beach.

∇ Lambott, Shearling leather wool made from natural materials.

I intentionally left this one for the last because it’s my favorite of the favorites. Beautiful design, very good quality and by one touch I fell in love and I definitely will buy something. It’s made only for you with your measures, so that’s pretty cool to have something unique, made only for you! This woman rocks, part time doctor with passion for fashion and she’s doing a great job! Inspiring, LOVE IT! ♥


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